natura preservata nei pressi di due parchi nazionali (NP Laghi di Plitvice e NP del Velebit settentrionale) e il Parco Naturale di Velebit.

Otočac (4200 inhabitants) is a town in the Gacka valley through which flows the Gacka river. Framed by high mountain peaks of Velebit and Mala Kapela. According to the archeological findings, this area is inhabited since the early Stone Age. It is assumed that the town got its name because until the 18th century was located on a natural island in the middle of the river (Otočac), surrounded with fortification walls and towers for protection and could be accessed only by boat. Therefore Otočac was never conquered town.

This is an area of preserved nature where at distance of only some 40 km away are two national parks (NP Plitvice Lakes and NP Northern Velebit) and the Velebit Nature Park.

In addition to the hunt your vacation can be enriched by walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking and other activities surrounded by the world’s natural beauty.